Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The birth of Elos

After almost two centuries under the rule of the Igno Empire, a Rebel Group began the revolution. The insurrection began in the mid 2200s when the rebels met in secrecy to challenge the single one law that sustained the absolute reign of the Ignos: programmed illiteracy.  Under this empire, people could only mumble sounds, use basic sign language, and were allowed to use 10 approved words. Anyone caught coming up with any other form of expression, was eliminated in the moment. The Rebel Group created a secret language and afterwards decided to recruit new members.  They had to initially lure the new ones with food and shelter and gradually taught them, using subliminal methods, how to speak. The new ones began understanding words and couldn't believe their ears, the euphoria made them eager to keep learning.  In a matter of two years, the Rebel Group had gathered thousands. The fifth year was the year when 1,000,000 people had already learned how to speak and communicate.  This eloquent new group, capable of expression, had regained the tools that made possible the optimal use of their intelligence: words.  They were able to articulate innovative ideas, device plans, argue, defend themselves, create families, communities and fight. They were able to have dignity and self-respect.  After an absolute victory in the peaceful battle of 2210, a new civilization was born: it was called Elos and it had a unique language called Quentis. Elos was the most splendid civilization ever to represent human-kind: in the following centuries new sciences emerged, it expanded to other planets, it spread beauty and peace to all the places of the universe it reached.

Elos had one simple un-breakable rule that never changed: every citizen was obliged to learn the Quentis to perfection. That proficiency was the basis for a sustained rule for the following millenniums.

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