Tuesday, June 23, 2009


primeramente voluntario

solo miro dentro

y dentro quiero algunas cosas
las quiero hoy a esta hora
y solo hoy a esta hora, por hoy, importa

hoy, a esta hora, quiero algunas cosas
y en este idioma es en el que digo
y en este idioma es en el que siento

que sólo esas cosas importan
por hoy, por ahora

Friday, June 12, 2009


one is a construction of back-turning-time alter realities
full of
small and simple possibilities
small and simple dreams of what should (ve) be(en)

small and simple 
small and simple, I say to myself

where are you? I ask
well, i could ask... i mean
I mean

I mean, I miss
one of my parts

So yeah, there's one in which I don't
in which I am whole 
three years ago
no less
no more

the three-years-ago-version-of-me scenario
is the one where i restart stories
and re-arrange chapters 

but then 
i guess the last and best one is the jump into madness
with some of my things

oceans and continents breached

and i decide for the craziest idea
and i choose between the happy|happier and
happiest of all