Wednesday, August 09, 2006


In a book by Michel Foucault called ' Tecnologies of the self ' he explains the processes by which western philosophy and religion have tried to solve those existential riddles that lie between the poles of one's own mind. It's funny how in most cases these tecnologies to figure oneself out rely on tortuous, sensoring and painful processes that somehow are supposed to bring an internal light or thruth out. But actually these rituals or exercises have tamed and constrained the limits of our will and imagination all through history and have resulted in making us the perfect canvas for robotic-non-critical masterpieces . It seems to me that we have inherited an outdated fear of the freedom and power latent in our brains and it would be nice that we got over it. Religion and (maybe to a less extent) philosophy should either grow out of that kind of notions or simply disappear. Maybe un-learning 'how to think' is a good start.


Anonymous said...

Life, sometimes, is like a race, but with a significant characteristic… time, space, speed, could be very different from a track to another. Runners` positions can be a very tricky illusion. Philosophy and religion usually talk about the same thing appearing to be in near positions, but they can really be in different dimensions. Polarity assumes the existence of extreme ends, autonomy from any system; duality is wiser. Mental duality could refer to two positions at both sides of a line and freedom of movement in each side, even near to the separating line. The best of this duality is the possibility of merging and convert everything to this unit where nothing is sacrificed or eliminated, unless it is repeated… something pretty hard to accept in polarities. Humanity (maybe everything) is more dual than polar, and duality is less reticent to transformation. Some minds need polarity and values, and choose religions; some others can handle the freedom and adjectives of philosophy and work on dualities. Maybe distributing each existential riddle to the right side of mind and stop extreme thinking is a good start.


sophie said...

faith and philopsophy -
our own understanding through
experience and intuition
guide us on our way.

Anonymous said...

Mysterious ways.